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QDY5 Series Servo Valve QDY5 Series Servo Valve

QDY5 electro hydraulic servo valve is a key control part of the electro hydraulic servo control system, acting on electro hydraulic conversion and power amplification, which performance and reliability will directly affect the performance and reliability of the entire system. To be specific, it can receive the electrical signal passed by system directly, and convert it into a load flow or pressure signal which is polarized, proportional and can control the electro hydraulic servo valve, so that the system will output hydraulic power to drive the corresponding executive bodies....

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Description With two nozzle flapper, QDY-Ⅰseries single stage electro hydraulic servo valve has a great performance on flow controlling. Besides to be the pilot stage of other valves, it can also be applied to the electro hydraulic systems with small flow load and small power. The self-developed single stage servo valve have been widely used in metallurgy, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, textile and printing industry.

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