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DLQ6/14 Grease Injection Valve

DLQ6/14 Grease Injection Valve

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DLQ 6/14 series grease injection valve is applied in the grease filling system with small grease injection capacity. The quantitative grease valve utilizes volume quantitative and pneumatic control, then reverses the cylinder to promote displacement of the valve core, and finally to control the grease filling process.
The measuring cylinder is the main body of quantitative control, the volume of the measuring cylinder is changed through the adjusting bolt, so as to reach the purpose of adjusting the grease injection capacity.

Application Field of Grease Injection Valve
1. Bearing production line, fill grease before the sealed bearing gland
2. Automobile industry: skylight, doors, windows, seat sliding chute, rear view mirror and other grease injection positions
3. Semi-axle production line, filling of the semi-axle bearing grease
4. 3C industry: sliding chute of DVD, VCD, CD and other players
5. Bicycle Parts industry
6. Motor, electric tools, gear, etc

Technical Parameter of Grease Injection Valve
DLQ6/14-5 quantitative grease valve
Crease injection range(g)
Quantitative precision( g)
Suction function
Oil outlet
ZG 1/8
Proof pressure( MPa)
Working pressure( MPa)
10 to 25
Use environment temperature(ºC )
10 to 50
Control air pressure( MPa)
0.3 to 0.6
A dimensions (mm)
B max dimensions ( mm)

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