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Proportional Amplifier

BVT-3001 Proportional Amplifier BVT-3001 Proportional Amplifier

BVT-3001 type servo proportional amplifier achieves closed-loop control of servo proportional valve, which can control the valve core’s position proportionally as the input signal, finally to achieve the precision control of the flow....

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Description Proportional amplifier is used for drive single electromagnet proportional valve. The servo proportional controller can offer the current to adjust the valve core to match the input signal. Adjusting the gain and the bias of the potentiometer on the amplifier can ensure the valves accuracy.

Features 1. Closed loop control function at the valve core position with PID
2. Enable function with the output level enabling
3. Short circuit protection output function
4. Zero adjustment function
5. Feedback signal breakage alarm function
6. Conforming to European board analog controller standard, it can be installed on 19" rail rack

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