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QDYB6  Proportional Valve
QDYB6  Proportional Valve

QDYB6 Proportional Valve

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QDYB6 series electro hydraulic servo proportional valve adopts the high-performance proportional electromagnet as the electric-mechanical converter, which is equipped with the high-precision valve core, valve sleeve and built-in displacement sensor, and allocated with the internal or external high-performance proportional amplifier.

1. Compared with the traditional electro-hydraulic proportional valve, it has high control precision and good dynamic characteristics, which is close to the control performance of the electro-hydraulic servo valve.
2. It features strong anti-pollution capacity and high reliability. It is also a hydraulic control valve with high quality and high cost performance.
3. The electro hydraulic servo proportional valve is widely applied in machine tool, metallurgy, hydropower, petroleum, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, textile and printing industry.
4. The QDYB6 series valves reach the level of foreign similar advanced products, and in the domestic leading level.

1. High contamination resistance, low demand for oil cleanliness.
2. Great dynamic characteristics, high frequency response.
3. Stable, high reliability, easy to repair and maintenance.
4. High performance direct proportional electro-magnetic motor directly drive the spool.
5. Built-in displacement sensor, adjust the spool with a closed-loop, with the feature of low hysteresis and high control precision.
6. Precise cooperate between the valve spool and valve pocket, pressure gain is high.
7. Power-off protection, valve spool will automatically at a safe location when power is off.
8. Standard connection interfaces, values can replace foreign servo proportion valves.

Technical Parameters of Electro Hydraulic Servo Proportional Valve
Basic parameters
Structural style
Direct acting, high precision valve core and valve sleeve, with LVDT displacement sensor
Control mode
It has the proportional electromagnet with the position feedback function, external / internal electrical amplifier.
Installation mode
Plate-type connection NG6 mounting hole (IS04401-03-02-0-94)
Mounting position
Any position, close to the actuating mechanism as far as possible
Ambient temperature
-20℃ to +50℃
Hydraulic parameters
Medium category
Petroleum-based hydraulic oil or other media selected as required
Medium viscosity
Conforming to IS011158-2009 At 400C, the recommended value is 15 to 100mm2/s
Medium cleanliness
Conforming to IS04406 (GB/T14039) standard 18/15
Medium temperature
-20℃ to +70℃
Electrical parameters
Model of the matching controller
Power supply
DC24V/3A,(pulse peak value 2Vpp)
Protection class
Conforming to GB4208-1993, IP65
Controller signal mode
-10 to +10 V
Maximum coil current
2.7 A
Coil resistance
Maximum power consumption of the controller
< 40 W
Operating mode
100% continuous operation
Power supply of the displacement sensor
±15 V
Displacement demodulation output
-5V to +5V
Dynamic and static parameters
Rated flow QN (valve pressure drop of 7MPa)
Slide valve function

Maximum operating pressure
P, A, B: 31.5 MPa T: 16 MPa
Zero position leakage QL
0.2 L/min
0.3 L/min
0.4 L/min
0.5 L/min
Step response 0 to 100%
≤10 ms
Hysteresis loop
Temperature drift ΔT=40℃
≤ 2 %

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