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AG40 CNC EDM Blade Grinder AG40 CNC EDM Blade Grinder

AG40 CNC EDM grinding machine is mainly used for manufacturing and grinding PCD cutters in wood processing industry (Like composite floor and bamboo floor), Aluminium, printed circuit board, nonmetal material cutters and other PCD cutters....

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Description CNC EDM grinder is a machine that can machine PCD cutters through grinding. With 4 CNC controlled axes and 2 manual axes, which is used for the complete processing of PCD tipped tools.

Structure Characteristics of EDM Grinding Machine 1. The mainframe uses C-type pedestal with cross feeds units structure.
2. The work piece dividing spindle adopts high precision harmonic reduction drive.
3. The high precision touch trigger probe is used to measure the cutters.
4. High precision variable speed electrode of R axis can auto-adapt electrode to turning cut and grinding cut.
5. Light sensation protection and temperature sensitive fire extinguisher ensure safety.

Technical Features of CNC EDM Grinder 1. Configure with high efficiency and high finish-degree power for the special purpose of PCD machining. The wave of discharging is auto-adjusted during processing. Cutting efficiency is high and the quality of PCD cutter’s edge is excellent.
2. The special software of the cutters can process automatically as the parameters you set. Reduce the manual operation and can ensure good consistency.
3. Tooth pitch of disc-type cutter can be measured automatically, automatic indexing, self-compensation and automatic processing.

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