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DLQ6/32 Grease Injection Valve

DLQ6/32 Grease Injection Valve

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DLQ6/32 quantitative grease injection valve shall be applied in the quantitative grease injection system, and used for quantitative supply of the dry oil lubricating grease. The grease pressure is between 5MPa and 25MPa.
The grease injection system mainly consists of the grease pump, quantitative grease valve, pneumatic control pipeline, grease gun, etc.
The valve composed of the measuring cylinder, control component (reversing valve) and other parts, which has the features of quantitative precision, convenient quantitative adjustment.
The grease valve is mainly used for the bearing, automobile semi-axle and other quantitative grease filling devices on the automatic control line.

Application Field of Quantitative Grease Injection Valve
1. Bearing production line, fill grease before the sealed bearing gland
2. Automobile industry: skylight, doors, windows, seat sliding chute, rear view mirror and other grease injection positions
3. Semi-axle production line, filling of the semi-axle bearing grease
4. 3C industry: sliding chute of DVD, VCD, CD and other players
5. Bicycle parts industry
6. Motor, electric tools, gear, etc

Technical Parameters of Quantitative Grease Injection Valve
Grease injection range(g)
0 to 20
0 to 30
Effective volume( ml)
Quantitative precision( g)
In place detection
Measuring cylinder diameter( mm)
Diameter( mm)
Oil inlet and outlet dimensions
ZG 1/4
ZG 1/4
Pressure resistance( MPa)
Working pressure( MPa)
5 to 25
Ambient temperature(ºC )
10 to 50
Control air pressure( MPa)
0.3 to 0.6
Control air port
ZG 1/8

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