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Proportional Controller

Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) Electric Discharge Machine (EDM)

Electrical discharge machine works by using the erosion caused by the impulse discharge between the electrode and the conductive material, which has been used in the production of dies....

Amplifier Amplifier

The amplifier is the servo drive for driving and controlling servo valves and proportional valves. It can realize high accuracy control of all kinds of valves. Servo power amplifier can be composed with other hydraulic systems and measuring transducers into an electro-hydraulic servo system, such as...

Electro-hydraulic Servo Valve Electro-hydraulic Servo Valve

Electro hydraulic servo valve can measure the hydraulic oil according to input signal, then to control position, speed, pressure or force in the electro hydraulic systems (generally the pistons and plungers)....

Electro-hydraulic Proportional Valve Electro-hydraulic Proportional Valve

Electro hydraulic proportional valve is a hydraulic component, which can translate electrical signal to displacement signal by an analog electric-machinery converter. When this valve acts, the electric-machinery converter will response the input signal to move the valve core, change the opening size...

Grease Injection Valve Grease Injection Valve

Grease injection valve is an equipment that can output high pressure medium quantitatively. It is the most important part of the quantitative filling machine, which can fill many different kinds of high viscosity oil such as lithium grease, calcium soap grease, other semisolid oil and adhesives. Qua...

Single Axis CNC EDM Machine Single Axis CNC EDM Machine

Single axis CNC EDM machine uses a single axis (Z-axis) with auto-feeding control system (including servo feed system and parameters control system), other axes are manual control axis (X-axis and Y-axis)....

Three Axis CNC EDM Machine Three Axis CNC EDM Machine

With auto-feeding control system (including servo feed system and parameters control system), three axis CNC EDM machine has wonderful performance on automation and control precision. It is widely used in the field of mould production for electronic component, automation, information and communicat...

CNC EDM Blade Grinder CNC EDM Blade Grinder

CNC EDM grinder is a machine that can produce PCD cutters through grinding. With 4 CNC controlled axes and 2 manual axes, which is used for the complete processing of PCD tipped tools....

Proportional Controller

  • Manufacturers of proportional valve drivers, closed loop controllers and OEM custom electronics. Mobile hydraulics controls are one of their specialties.
  • Tutorials on the use of computers in automation, control and robotics. Includes simplified descriptions of feedback, proportional control, derivative control, and integral control.
  • Describes the basics of PID algorithms. Addresses proportional, integral and derivative components and their effects.
  • Manufacturers of proportional and water temperature control and pinch valves used in industrial process control, photographic and food processing.
  • UK based company designs and manufactures industrial joysticks, with a broad portfolio from low cost switch based to 3 axes proportional control, using potentiometer or contactless technologies.
  • Germany. On-line and hand held precision tension control instruments, and tensile force sensors for the nonwovens, textile, wire and cable, and optical fiber industries. Also, software package for machine measurement and analysis of tensile force proportions. English and German.
  • Germany. Design, development and manufacture of automation systems for the process and manufacturing industries. Integrated process control systems for weighing, proportioning, mixing and transporting applications in the nonwovens industry. Technical information on PDF file. English and German.
  • A transparent screen grid for computer-based design, it allows to control and correct sizes and proportions in design projects using the golden section proportion. Adjustable user interface for GUI, web and image design
  • API toolkit for developing GUIs with LCD driver library graphics and graphical display controller drivers. Graphic LCD module application using advanced features like proportional writing, icons, lists and scroll boxes, line drawing.
  • Automatically resizes the controls on VB forms. Add proportional or advanced smart resizing and anchoring without code. Individually adjust size and position of each control.
  • Design and manufacturing of precision electro-pneumatic pressure and flow controls. Includes company history with description of technology used, products offered, instructional literature (PDF), and online assistance request forms.
  • Allows to resize controls in a form proportionally or maintain the components' anchored sizes and positions. [Control, Commercial]
  • Manufactures small 3-way, large 3-way, small 4-way, large 4-way, and proportional air controlled valves.
  • Manufacturer of electrohydraulic proportional and on/off single and multi-axes controllers.
  • Manufacture chillers, heat exchangers, and air conditioners incorporating computer driven proportional temperature control. Site includes technical explanations.
  • A society which promotes the Hare Clark Quota Preferential method of Proportional Representation (Quota Preferential is also known as Single Transferable Vote or STV).
  • Source of information on proportional representation elections. Includes beginning readings, in-depth articles by scholars and activists, an extensive bibliography and a guide to related web sites.
  • Malaysian reinsurer underwriting proportional and non-proportional treaty as well as facultative reinsurance.
  • Underwrites proportional, non-proportional, treaty, and facultative reinsurance. Provides market, reinsurance, investors information and services. Located in Damansara Heights.
  • The primary purpose of Fair Vote Canada is to gain broad support for a national process to enable Canadian voters to choose which voting system shall be used to elect their representatives.
  • Proportional Amplifier

    Servo Proportional Controller

    QDY10 Series Servo Valve QDY10 Series Servo Valve

    QDY10 series force feedback servo valves are double nozzle flapper servo valve, which have great performance on fast dynamic response, pressure sensitivity and linearity, small zero drift, low require...

    DLQ6/8 Grease Injection Valve DLQ6/8 Grease Injection Valve

    Our self-researched and developed DLQ series high pressure grease valve is applied in the grease filling system with small grease injection capacity. The valve utilizes volume quantitative and pneumat...

    SVA-Ⅱ Servo Amplifier SVA-Ⅱ Servo Amplifier

    SVA-II servo valve amplifier is a box power amplifier with self-contained DC stabilized power supply, which is mainly for driving and one-stage closed-loop controlling of nozzle flapper servo valve an...

    QDYB6  Proportional Valve QDYB6 Proportional Valve

    QDYB6 series electro hydraulic servo proportional valve adopts the high-performance proportional electromagnet as the electric-mechanical converter, which is equipped with the high-precision valve cor...

    DLQ10/80 Grease Injection Valve DLQ10/80 Grease Injection Valve

    The DLQ10/80 grease injection valve covers the measuring cylinder, control component (reversing valve) and other parts, which has the features of quantitative precision, convenient quantitative adjust...

    QDY2 Series Servo Valve QDY2 Series Servo Valve

    QDY2 electro-hydraulic servo valve has absorb the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, with small size, light weight, good stability, high sensitivity, zero drift, frequency bandwidth, l...

    DLQ6/25 Grease Injection Valve DLQ6/25 Grease Injection Valve

    DLQ6/25 grease filling valve is applied in the grease filling system with small grease injection capacity. The high pressure grease control valve utilizes volume quantitative and pneumatic control, re...

    AF50 CNC EDM Machine AF50 CNC EDM Machine

    AF50 Three axis CNC EDM machinery is widely used in the field of mould production for electronic component, automation, information and communication technology, household appliances....

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