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BMIT possesses modern manufacturing machines, precise test conditions and perfect quality management system, which can offer perfect security for the research, manufacturing and selling services of servo valves. Besides manufacturing and selling servo valves, our company is also keep working on maintenance, technical consulting and fixing of all brands of servo and proportional valves. There are high-power hydraulic test bench, professional servo and proportional valve test bench. We also have a professional, efficient and comprehensive technical team, can offer all kinds of testing and maintaining services. Our company has the ability to design the hydraulic system and undertake the technical consulting serve of the hydraulic system.
We sincerely welcome inquiries from all kinds of domestic and foreign companies, institutes and relative enterprises. And We expect to build up good relationships, co-operate and develop together!

1. We can offer to customers the services such as Hydraulic Mechanics Maintenance, Control Circuit Maintenance, Inner Cleaning, Static and Dynamic Performance Test.

2. We offer the maintenance business of all series single-stage or two-stage servo proportional valves and flapper-nozzle servo valves of Rexroth.

3. We offer the clean and maintenance business of all series servo valves of MOOG.

4. We can offer the clean and maintenance business of all series servo valves of 609 of AVIC.

Attachment: The mainly professional maintenance models and brands of domestic and imported electro-hydraulic servo valve and proportional valve
1. MOOG Servo Valve
30 series, 50 series, 61series, 62series, 63series, 64series, 66series, 69series, 72series, 73series, 74series, 76series, 77series, 78series, 79series, 85series, etc.
2. VICKERS Valve
SM4 series, KAXG series, KACG series, KD/TG4V series, KFDG4V series, KDG5V series, KFDG5V series, KHDG5V series, KAD/TG4V series, KADG5V series, KAFDG5V series, KAHDG5V series, etc.
3. ParKer Valve
BD15 series, BD30 series, BD062 series, BD760 series, D*FW series, D*FS series, D*FT series, D*FX series, D*FH series, D*FL series, D*TX series, TDA series, DSA series, RE series.
4. Rexroth Bosch Valve
4WS2E series, 4WSE3EE series, 4WRA series, 4WRE series, 4WRK series, 4WRZ series, 4WRT series, 4WRP series, 4WRR series, 4WRG series, 4WRV series, 4WRL series, 4WRD series, 5WRP series, Bosch NG6, NG10 series, etc.
RZMO series, RZGO series, AGMZO series, AGRCZO series, RZMO series, KZGO series, DHZO series, DPZO series, DLHZO series, etc.
6. Other brands: star, EMG, Schneider, ENTON VICKERS, YUKEN, North Amerrican, ATOS, Atlas, NIRECO, voith, Abex denison, DUPLOMATIC, DYVAL、KRAUSS MAFFEI, Demag ergotech, WOOD WARD, DAIKIN, TSS, WANDFLUH, etc.
7. Main domestic brands: China Aviation 609 Institute, CSIC (704 Institute ), Shanxi Qin feng, Beijing Metallurgy Hydraulic Machinery Factory, China Precision Engineering Institute for Aircraft Industry (303 Institute), China 18th Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, Jiujiang Instrument Factory, Aerospace Corporation 618 Institute, Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, etc. Manufacturing nozzle baffle, jet tube, direct acting, servo valve and proportional valve.
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