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Electric Discharge Machine for Aviation Titanium Alloy Machining

Titanium alloy has a high tensity, wear resistance and heat resistance. So it’s widely used in ocean developing, air vehicles, and aviation industries. Almost half of the titanium reserve is in China. So it’s easy to develop titanium alloy for Chinese. However titanium is very active and easy to react with oxide, hydrogen and nitrogen in high temperature. The reaction will increase the hardness and weaken the plasticity of titanium.
Luckily, electric discharge machines for aviation take advantage of a contactless machining without the restriction of material tenacity, intensity, or hardness. So it’s easy to process titanium alloy by electric discharge machining.

Cooperating with Shenyang Liming Aero-Engine Factory in 2004, we tested the electric discharge machining of titanium alloy on army planes and made out a set of parameters for the process of titanium alloy. Since then, we went on to cooperate with several armament manufacturers of aviation field. Our electric discharge machines have a great contribution to the aviation manufacturing industry.

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