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Quantitative Grease Valve for electric tools gear

Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) Electric Discharge Machine (EDM)

Electrical discharge machine works by using the erosion caused by the impulse discharge between the electrode and the conductive material, which has been used in the production of dies....

Amplifier Amplifier

The amplifier is the servo drive for driving and controlling servo valves and proportional valves. It can realize high accuracy control of all kinds of valves. Servo power amplifier can be composed with other hydraulic systems and measuring transducers into an electro-hydraulic servo system, such as...

Electro-hydraulic Servo Valve Electro-hydraulic Servo Valve

Electro hydraulic servo valve can measure the hydraulic oil according to input signal, then to control position, speed, pressure or force in the electro hydraulic systems (generally the pistons and plungers)....

Electro-hydraulic Proportional Valve Electro-hydraulic Proportional Valve

Electro hydraulic proportional valve is a hydraulic component, which can translate electrical signal to displacement signal by an analog electric-machinery converter. When this valve acts, the electric-machinery converter will response the input signal to move the valve core, change the opening size...

Grease Injection Valve Grease Injection Valve

Grease injection valve is an equipment that can output high pressure medium quantitatively. It is the most important part of the quantitative filling machine, which can fill many different kinds of high viscosity oil such as lithium grease, calcium soap grease, other semisolid oil and adhesives. Qua...

Single Axis CNC EDM Machine Single Axis CNC EDM Machine

Single axis CNC EDM machine uses a single axis (Z-axis) with auto-feeding control system (including servo feed system and parameters control system), other axes are manual control axis (X-axis and Y-axis)....

Three Axis CNC EDM Machine Three Axis CNC EDM Machine

With auto-feeding control system (including servo feed system and parameters control system), three axis CNC EDM machine has wonderful performance on automation and control precision. It is widely used in the field of mould production for electronic component, automation, information and communicat...

CNC EDM Blade Grinder CNC EDM Blade Grinder

CNC EDM grinder is a machine that can produce PCD cutters through grinding. With 4 CNC controlled axes and 2 manual axes, which is used for the complete processing of PCD tipped tools....

Quantitative Grease Valve for electric tools gear

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  • Desmodromie, desmodromic valve gear, desmodromology, desmodromik. Great pictures and movies of how desmo valve gear actually works.
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  • Motor Quantitative Grease Valve

    Grease Release Valve

    FN2P CNC EDM Machine FN2P CNC EDM Machine

    FN2P CNC EDM machinery is suitable for machining small-middle size of dies and other parts. The electrical cabinet is integrated with the host, small footprint, which is easy to mount....

    QDY15 Series Servo Valve QDY15 Series Servo Valve

    QDY15 series double nozzle flapper servo valve is a key control part of the electro-hydraulic servo control system, acting on electro-hydraulic conversion and power amplification. It consists of elect...

    DLQ10/50 Grease Injection Valve DLQ10/50 Grease Injection Valve

    DLQ10/50 quantitative grease valve is mainly applied for the bearing, automobile semi-axle and other quantitative grease filling devices on the automatic control line. It is composed of the measuring ...

    AG40 CNC EDM Blade Grinder AG40 CNC EDM Blade Grinder

    AG40 CNC EDM grinding machine is mainly used for manufacturing and grinding PCD cutters in wood processing industry (Like composite floor and bamboo floor), Aluminium, printed circuit board, nonmetal ...

    GW735P CNC EDM Machine GW735P CNC EDM Machine

    GW735P NC EDM machine is suitable for machining small-middle size of dies and other parts. Its host is separated with the electrical cabinet. Machining tool consists mechanical bed, pulse power, contr...

    QDY2 Series Servo Valve QDY2 Series Servo Valve

    QDY2 electro-hydraulic servo valve has absorb the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, with small size, light weight, good stability, high sensitivity, zero drift, frequency bandwidth, l...

    QDYB6  Proportional Valve QDYB6 Proportional Valve

    QDYB6 series electro hydraulic servo proportional valve adopts the high-performance proportional electromagnet as the electric-mechanical converter, which is equipped with the high-precision valve cor...

    QDY10 Series Servo Valve QDY10 Series Servo Valve

    QDY10 series force feedback servo valves are double nozzle flapper servo valve, which have great performance on fast dynamic response, pressure sensitivity and linearity, small zero drift, low require...

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